Dog Breeder Getting a Dog Bernese Mountain Dog and Apartment Living

Bernese Mountain Dog and Apartment Living

Bernese mountain dog apartment

It is not uncommon for an owner to ask what type of dog they need to put in the Bernese mountain dog in an apartment. The answer to this question will differ from one dog to another.

Some of the differences between different dogs are more significant than others. The most common and important differences involve physical attributes and personality traits. A good dog apartment should be able to provide a safe environment where the owner can keep their dog safe.

Big Dog

It is also a good idea to look at the size of the puppy that is going into an apartment. Dogs that are too large for the small dog apartment may feel cramped, and may not be happy. Small dogs may not get enough exercise. Also, they will not be able to enjoy the same socializing experience as a larger dog. Be sure that the puppy that you choose will have room to stretch out and move around.

An extremely small dog may feel very cramped in the apartment, as it may be unable to turn around. They will probably be afraid and uncomfortable when you are away. If this is the case, you may want to choose a smaller dog. They may even be better suited for a larger dog apartment.

Size should also be taken into consideration when considering an apartment for a large breed dog. Many people do not realize that the bigger the dog, the more expensive the apartment will be. If the pet that you choose will be able to handle an apartment, then it will be less expensive to pay a slightly higher monthly fee.


Another important factor is personality. You should be able to get along with the dog that you choose. Most dogs are happier if you try to be understanding and polite to them.

It can be difficult for owners to take on the responsibility of taking care of a new dog. The owner needs to think of themselves as the pack leader and make sure that the dog follows the rules and follows directions. Many dogs that are not well-socialized may be destructive to other pets and other family members.

Bernese mountain dog apartment

Getting a Bernese mountain dog does not mean that you will have to put up with all of the challenges that come with owning a large breed dog. By following these tips, you will find that your new pet will be a pleasure to have in your home.

The dog that you choose should be able to enjoy the outdoors. They are used to being outdoors, and will probably need some time to get used to a new place. Some Bernese mountain dogs do not like being indoors and will be more than happy to run around in the backyard. You need to make sure that you let the dog get the exercise that it needs.

It will be best to put some toys in the outdoor area that can be used by the dog while it is outside. When a dog is playing outside, it needs to have something to play with so that it has something to do when it gets bored. A lot of dogs like to chew on trees and shrubs.


Large breeds require a lot of exercises. If you are going to have one in an apartment, it may be better to get one with a large fenced area. This way, you can take your new friend outside when you need it, without having to worry about an accident or a house fall in.

While your dog is not in the outdoors, it will still need to be kept in a clean environment, where it can go potty outside. Having a lot of clutter in the house can be a hindrance to getting your dog outside.

Many types of dogs are easier to housebreak than others, especially if they are not used to being a part of the family. A Bernese mountain dog will take to being a part of a family very easily. They like to be part of a family, and this will make them happier.

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